Here’s the list of a few finance books which I liked and felt useful, especially for beginners.

You too can be Rich too – by PV Subramanian (Subra) and Pattabiraman (pattu).  I consider Subra of Subramoney and Pattu of Freefincal as the gurus of Personal Finance in India.  This book authored by them shows you what you actually miss in your Personal Finance in achieving your goals.  I have given the amazon link of the book, though you are free to check elsewhere for a better offer.


Retire Rich, Invest Rs.40 per day – by PV Subramanian (Subra).  Subra in his first book shows how a small amount can take you towards achieving your Retirement goal.  The power of compounding is clearly articulated in the book.  I have again given the Amazon link of the book, but you can check elsewhere for a better offer.


Rich Dad Poor Dad – Robert T Kiyosaki.  In this book, shows how not to work for money and how money can work for you.  A good book for young people, especially growing children.  It tries to change the attitude towards money and look at what “Assets” and “Expenses” are.