A few learnings with reference to Health Insurance yesterday.

  1. Dependence:  Do not depend up on company insurance alone. If you change your jobs, it can even take up to a month to 45 days to get yourselves enrolled into the group insurance of the company. Even if company has a policy to enroll everyone on joining, the formalities can take up to a month and cashless will not be available till that period ; you can claim only as a reimbursement later. Mind you, the period between jobs, you are without cover.
  2. Dependability:  An accident caused by driving without license or drunken driving or any such not legally permitted driving can invalidate your Health Insurance Policy claim. The hospital has to provide a report on accident to police and police on suspicion that hospital has not given the correct report of drunken driving, can take your blood sample and get it tested. Insurance company do check the police reports before validating such claims.
  3. Dependents: Share your Health Insurance details [Health Policy Number and Employee Id (if company insurance) number] with all the family members along with the procedure for claiming. You can share these details to a trusted person outside your immediate family, as you may not be in a state to provide these details to hospital during any health complication. Some hospitals need the policy number along with the employee id and company name, especially if the employee is a new joinee. The TPA database may not be updated with employee id and policy number in the real-time and may take some extra time.