Recently, one of the schools had a farewell day for their 10th Standard.  The accepted norm in the class was that all boys come in Blazers and all girls come in Sarees.

A few interesting, rather bothering questions propped up in my mind…

  1. Are all the parents capable to buy a 6k blazer for a 6 hour event ?
  2. Is that necessary actually in schools at least ?
  3. Children grow up fast.  The 6k blazer bought will be useless within months, unlike their parents who can wear a blazer as long as they are in control of their tummies and backs.
  4. We have students enrolled through RTE in many of the schools.  Are the other students or parents of other students thinking that such a dress code can create scars in those student’s minds ?
  5. Shouldn’t it be imparted by teachers that such an extravaganza was unnecessary ?

Somehow, I am not graduated to understand such new fashioned stuff.

The same day in news was a tribal mentally unstable man who tried to steal food from a shop was beaten to death.  The 6k for 6 hours would have lasted for 6 years for that hungry soul.  I would have been happy if the teachers asked the students to contribute some amount so that they can utilize it for the needy students elsewhere or in the same school.


One basic reason for introducing uniforms in schools was that all the students should come in the same dress and schools should not be a place to show off your parents’ wealth.  Uniforms should be a simple one and affordable one.  School is not a place to show your designer costly uniforms.

My Take:

  1. Students should be imparted financial education at a young age itself.
  2. Live within your means should be the mantra taught in schools.
  3. Uniforms should be made simple and students should be inculcated to have pride in wearing the simple uniform.
  4. Its not the cost of the cloth, but crest on the cloth that creates respect.  Let me clarify, the crest I mean here is not the “Brand Logo” of expensive clothes, but the school logo or badge.
  5. The innocent minds should be taught to “Share” and not to “Flaunt